35 km East of Midrand - close to the Rietvleidam
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General Manager: Dawid Nagel
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Western Cape

South of Atlantis between N7 & R27
Tel: 021 572-2551
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  • -25° 58’ 54.03”
  • +28° 18’ 26.84”

Chief Executive Officer: Jan Vorster
Sales Enquiries: Yolanda Roos
General Enquiries: Pauline Page

Gauteng (Midrand) 
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Western Cape (Atlantis) 
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Practical and Versatile

Clay Brick is easy to build with, and helps job creation

Very few building materials come close to the versatility of clay brick. Real clay brick works as a structural element that can be used on its own, even in multi-story buildings. It can be used in conjunction with reinforced concrete as a design element, feature, cladding or even a practical filler.

Easy to build with

The wide availability of clay brick makes it a convenient locally produced option for housing or construction. Even with relatively unskilled labour, its a forgiving medium to work with. The use of clay brick can be the difference between starting work after overnight rain, or sending everyone home. Clay brick seldom becomes too wet to work with. Even a wet brick combines with a dryer mortar mix to ensure correct adhesion. Its ability to dry out fast is remarkable, and can make a real different to completing a project on time.

Low maintenance

Once a clay brick building is completed, little maintenance is needed. Rainstroms that discolour concrete will just clean brickwork - brick does not change colour in the rain and dries out very quickly.