35 km East of Midrand - close to the Rietvleidam
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General Manager: Dawid Nagel
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Western Cape

South of Atlantis between N7 & R27
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Chief Executive Officer: Jan Vorster
Sales Enquiries: Yolanda Roos
General Enquiries: Pauline Page

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Western Cape (Atlantis) 
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Safe & Strong

The old Fort, in Cape Town. The original Bell Tower built from clay brick is over 400 years old.
Clay bricks are completely inert they do not release VOC's or toxic fumes

To build with real, fired clay brick is to use one of the most beautiful, enduring materials known to humankind. Real clay brick is timeless, classic and yet contemporary. 


Clay bricks have the highest dimensional stability and compressive strength. Clay brick is a durable and timeless building material that complements the aesthetic and functional needs of any building. Structures that were built from clay brick and remain standing after centuries of exposure, have proved the durability of clay brick many times over.  Thus, with very little maintenance, buildings made from clay brick can outlast many generations.

Safe for your family

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids, and also certain chemicals, and can result in both short and long-term adverse health effects, such as lung disease and even cancer. Clay bricks are completely inert they do not release VOC's or toxic fumes that impinge on air quality. They do not release silica dust that is linked to silicosis and other lung diseases. Clay bricks contain no pollutants or allergens and are resistant to ants, borer and termites.

Fire Resistant

Clay bricks are incombustible and cannot contribute to the start or rapid spread of fires, nor can it add fuel to make fires more intense. In fact, clay brick walls obtain a maximum fire rating as they can withstand fully developed fires longer than any other standard building material. Home owners benefit from peace of mind and substantial savings on insurance over time.


Clay bricks are water resistant, making them impervious to all forms of weather conditions. They comprise a fine capillary pore system which absorbs moisture rom rain or water vapour and then releases it back into the atmosphere. Hence a clay brick wall which has become damp will dry out quickly. Clay bricks also resist the transmission of heat, keeping a building cool in summer and warm in winter.