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Sustainable & Environmentally-friendly

Made of clay and shale, the final composition of clay brick includes the four natural elements, i.e., earth, wind, fire and water. Therefore, they contain no pollutants or allergens and are resistant to noxious insects.

Clay Bricks are also known to have a benign effect on the environment. As part of our commitment to conserve the environment, we harvest our clay on our premises to minimise energy consumption and the environmental effect on the land.

Apart from protecting the environment with some of the lowest levels of carbon emissions, the natural insulation properties of clay brick also contribute significantly to the life cycle of a building. Clay brick has the ability to absorb heat during the day and release it at night, thus reducing the need for artificial heating in winter and cooling in summer. So much so, that clay brick has become the preferred choice for many residential and commercial projects.

According to the British AIA Environmental Resource Guide, the actual embodied energy of clay brick, i.e., the energy required to mine, manufacture and transport the final product is 14000 BTU's per standard brick - substantially less than concrete, glass, steel and aluminium and other building products.

Clay bricks are also fully recyclable and can be returned to the earth. As the environmental consciousness of society grows, the demand on building professionals to incorporate green principles into sustainable building designs will magnify. To create environmentally responsible living and workspaces for today's generation and beyond, clay bricks are the answer.